The Day After 'Hurricane Florence' Visit to Misty Falls, Evans Falls, and Mashbox Falls

On Sunday, the remnants of Hurricane Florence passed through the area, dumping a few inches of rain and some gusty breezes. The next day was cloudy, especially where in the mountains where I needed it to be, making it a perfect day to explore some normally low flow waterfalls at their best. I chose to visit Misty Falls, Evans Falls, and Mashbox Falls, three waterfalls clustered near each other near the portion of U.S. 276 that ascends Caesars Head Mountain.

I parked at a pull-off within a short distance ahead of the intersection of U.S. 276 and old Oil Camp Creek Road. I got my gear, and walked down the side of the road to the intersection.
An old fading stop sign remains from years past.
Another parking area is located a few hundred feet down old Oil Camp Creek Road:
A green gate prevents vehicles from passing through overgrowth would do that job just fine even if the gate was open.
Some areas were so overgrown I almost thought I was bushwacking:
I continued down Oil Camp Creek Road…

Exploring the Blue Wall Preserve

Last Friday featured mild temperatures and low humidity, a perfect day during August to visit the Blue Wall Preserve. The Blue Wall Preserve is a 575 acre nature preserve owned and managed by The Nature Conservancy located in northeast Greenville County off Pennell Road a few miles west of Lake Lanier. The preserve, acquired in 1997, also serves as an access point to the Blue Wall Passage of the Palmetto Trail, a trail through the preserve up to Vaughn's Gap that opened in 1999.

The parking area for the preserve is on Pennell Road at approximately 35.184556, -82.248266. I found I had the place all to myself:
I walked around the bright yellow gate down the old road:
The pavement ends near the bridge crossing over Vaughn Creek:
The bridge could definitely use some work. Be careful:
The road beyond the bridge is gravel and dirt:
A lovely sign sits near of another gate.
One side was obscured by high weeds, and the other side was backlit. I did my best with the digital tools I possess…