Fourth of July visit to Frey Creek Falls and Taylors Mill

Sometimes an adventure in the warm, humid outdoors is preferable to staying inside in the comfortable yet confining indoors. Such an occasion was the Fourth of July holiday when frequent clouds made for a potentially tolerable day outdoors. I decided to visit two places close by: Frey Creek Falls near Wellford in Spartanburg County, and the Taylors Mill in Taylors, Greenville County.
Frey Creek Falls I'm aware of only two waterfalls in Spartanburg County. Horseshoe Falls is a 10 foot waterfall on Cedar Falls Creek in the Musgrove Mill State Historic Site near Clinton, South Carolina. I visited this waterfall many years ago and remember finding the waterfall uninteresting. Frey Creek Falls is wider, more interesting waterfall on Frey Creek between Wellford and Spartanburg on Falling Creek Road near a Norfolk Southern Railroad trestle. As of the time of posting, Frey Creek Falls is clearly visible from this satellite view:
Frey Creek Falls is located on land used as a park and recr…

The Adventure of Upper and Lower Whitewater Falls

Yesterday I headed north to visit the Upper and Lower Whitewater Falls, two impressive waterfalls located on the Whitewater River both located near the North Carolina-South Carolina border. Whitewater River empties into Lake Jocassee a few miles downstream from Lower Whitewater Falls. Ordinarily I avoid hiking in humid weather, but with three days off in a row I found I could not resist the idea of an outdoor adventure. These two waterfalls were definitely worth seeing even in the high humidity.
Lower Whitewater Falls Lower Whitewater Falls is a 200 foot drop (over 400 feet if the surrounding cascades are included!) on the Whitewater River in northern Oconee County on land owned by Duke Energy for their Bad Creek Hydroelectric Station.

Lower Whitewater Falls is most easily accessed from the Foothills Trail and Whitewater River Access Area Parking off Bad Creek Road:
Bad Creek Road is off SC 130 near the NC border. The gate was open when I arrived, and stays open until dark. The gate …