The Search for Ruins on Shaw Island and Andersonville Island

I have some time off this week, and I've planned a few adventures to fill the time. The first day I went on a bit of a ramble in Spartanburg and Greenville Counties, the second day I visited Sids Falls in Oconee County. The third, and last, adventure this week is to Lake Hartwell to search for ruins of post-Andersonville buildings on Shaw Island and continue that search on Andersonville Island.

The last I went there (with Tom Taylor and Bernie Waddell), we launched from Jarrett Landing. We didn't have much to show after our expedition. As usual, I hope for the best, but expect nothing.
I launched my kayak from Double Springs Boat Ramp (at the end of Double Springs Road) this time because its closer to Shaw Island and the northern part of Andersonville Island.

The lake level remains about 10ft below full pool:
I landed first on the western part of Shaw Island where an abandoned road enters the lake.
I then followed the abandoned road into the interior.
I searched around both s…

Sids Falls

I have some time off this week, and I've been planning a few adventures to fill the time. The previous day I went on a ramble in Spartanburg and Greenville Counties. Today's adventure, the second of three this week, is a visit to Sids Falls (or Sid's Falls) on the Shoulder Bone Branch near the Battle Creek community of Oconee County.

Sids Falls is named in honor of Sid Ballenger Jr., an Oconee County teacher and waterfall enthusiast who spent many years, along with friends Maxine Duke and John Danner, exploring Oconee County for waterfalls. He compiled his knowledge into the first book about Oconee County waterfalls, Some Waterfalls, Shoals & Cascades of Oconee County, South Carolina. He died in 1991 at the age of 73. 
The original trail involved coming in from Long Creek Falls, but damage from a hurricane made that trail impassible. The current trailhead is at the gate for FS 2616 (Opossum Creek Road) off Damascus Church Road near Damascus Baptist Church. Most of the …

Vacation photo ramble

I have some time off this week, and I've been planning a few adventures to fill the time. Originally, I had a different adventure planned for this day, Tuesday, but the showery weather forecast for later in the day forced a bit of a change. Today's adventure is part planned, part ramble through Spartanburg and Greenville Counties.

On my way to Bon Haven about two weeks ago, I made a quick stop to view on old billboard for a drive-in that closed in 1984, the Circle South 29 Drive-in off U.S. 29 in the western outskirts of Spartanburg near the intersection with Fairforest Clevedale Road.:
I didn't notice at the time another decaying left over from the drive-in, the  entrance sign:
The old entrance is blocked by a mound of dirt belonging to the lumber company that now owns the property.
The drive-in can be seen, though rather fuzzily, from aerial photos taken in 1981 hosted at the SC Digital Library:
A Google Earth view still shows the old entrance, and that the cone shape o…