Shooting the Chute

Usually when one hikes up the strenuous Falls Creek Trail near River Falls in northern Greenville County it's to see Falls Creek Falls, a must visit waterfall in Jones Gap State Park. I've been there a number of times, and it's always a pleasure to visit, except for the difficulty making the climb. This time I came to hike Falls Creek Trail to visit a number of rarely visited smaller waterfalls, the last one being Chute Falls, all reachable by spur paths from the main trail.

The parking area, just beyond Palmetto Bible Camp, has room for only two or three cars, but a limited amount of space is available off one side the road for a few more cars.
Before heading up the trail, I had to visit the dam for Trammel Lake. While not a waterfall, the stone dam does make for a good photo when the water is flowing nicely.
The trail by kiosk is one of the easiest parts of the trail.
The entire trail, except near Falls Creek Falls, once was a logging road. This is the steepest part, is…

The Renno Ramble

Usually when I head out to take photos of old, historic places, I already have a list of targets I've researched ahead of time because I like to be prepared. This time I only had one target in mind, the ruins of Bell's Store in the ghost town of Renno, while other targets would be decided along the way.

I recently bought Luminar 2018 as an alternative to Lightroom 5 which I've been using for a few years now. I strongly prefer owning software over renting, making paying a monthly fee to keep Lightroom working not an option for me. I tried ON1 Raw 2018.5, but found the interface a bit clunky and unintuitive for my taste. So for now, I'm using Lightroom 5 for its library functionality and Luminar 2018 to process most of my photos. I've also chosen a few of my older photos to process with Luminar 2018, one of which happened to be a February 2012 photo of Bell's Store in the ghost town of Renno in Laurens County.

I decided to post the newly processed edit of Bell&#…