Where was Reid School?

Most of the blog post below is wrong. Sorry! This followup post benefits from a few years of experience.

Several roads in Greenville County by their names alone hint at places that no longer exist. Duncan Chapel Road is one such road, but I've covered that already. Reid School Road is another road named after something that no longer exists, Reid School.

What little information I learned about Reid School was obtained from Greenville County's Register of Deeds website. The earliest deed I know of that definitively refers to the school is from 1923 in Book 76, page 170 where Reid School District #9E purchases land adjoining the existing Reid School land. Book 888, page 280 shows that in 1970 the School District of Greenville County sold off the land as a quit-claim. Looks like they couldn't find the original deed either!

So where was the school? A plat survey for a nearby land places the school near where Reid School Road meets State Park Road on property now occupied by Marathon Church (Greenville campus):
According to that plat survey, the front entrance (on the left in the above picture) is where Reid School once stood.

My research also shows Reid School Road was at one time called Mountain Creek Road, Reid's School Road, and Reids School Road before settling on its current name.

Update: USGS's historical topographic collection, not online at the time of posting, makes finding schools like this much easier.

Next up: Ansel School


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