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A visit to the Children's Graveyard

Now that the outdoor temperatures are more reasonable, it's time to get out and explore the outdoors. Recently, I visited the place now known as the Children's Graveyard or more formally as the Duncan Chapel Methodist Church cemetery. I had heard about the cemetery from ghost town hunter Tom over at his RandomConnections blog some months ago and decided then to visit whenever the temperature and humidity dropped. Now that the time was right I took my camera and decided to see what there was left to see.

Duncan Chapel Methodist Church was built sometime back in the 1850s on land owned by P. E. Duncan and later sold by Duncan to the church. The first Duncan Chapel School was built on a quarter acre in the late 1870s on land sold by the church. The church ceased to function sometime in the 1920s and was sold off in 1939 according to the deed selling off the church land. A second, larger Duncan Chapel School was built a small distance away in the 1910s and so the first school was…

The events at Chick Springs part 1

Previously, I detailed the results of my research into the deeds of Chick Springs. Next, I detailed the news of the hotel and the springs found in Google's news archives. This time I use Google's news archives to discover what events took place at the hotel and the surrounding land.

No Greenville papers are available in the news archives, but the Spartanburg Herald-Journal is available and luckily for us they paid close attention to events at Chick Springs.

1907-03-30, Spartanburg Weekly Herald, Teachers Meet At Chick Springs This Summer: The State Teachers' Association chose Chick Springs as the site of its next meeting scheduled June 24-26, 1907.1907-04-02, Spartanburg Weekly Herald, Teachers Meet At Chick Springs This Summer: A reprint of the March 30 article above.1907-06-18, Spartanburg Herald-Journal, State Teachers to Meet at Chick Springs: More information about the association meeting.1912-05-28, Spartanburg Herald-Journal, Many Are Going to Chick Springs: A big B…