Meta: Switched view template

I just switched to the Dynamic View template. Now that gadgets are supported, I'm giving it a try on this blog. Comments on the change are, of course, welcome.

Update: Page load times were way too slow. Blech. Going back to the Simple template.

Update 04/15/2012: Trying dynamic views template again. The page load times improved noticeably.


  1. I like it. Just having those buttons follow me as I scroll seems to be the trend right now. I think it was a little slower in mobile viewing, but on the desktop, not a problem.

    1. I've gotten used to it. I like that the gadgets, like labels, blog archives, etc. are out of the way until you want them instead of taking up space. The only thing I don't like is the fixed width. I'll have to investigate how to override that with some CSS.

      A side benefit is the the pageview stats are counted more accurately with dynamic views. I found that nugget buried in google's support pages somewhere. I'm not too concerned with how many people are reading, but it is nice to know what posts/topics people like.
      I'm actually more fascinated by the referrer spam urls that show up for while, then disappear after (I assume) google blocks them.


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