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Taking a break

It's getting hot, and it's getting humid. Two things I don't like about this area and two things that keep me indoors. Meaning, I will be posting here much less often until it cools off again.

Just thought y'all would like to know.

Tracing the Swamp Rabbit Railroad

Update:Follow this link to list all entries in what became a series.

The Swamp Rabbit Trail, the successful rails-to-trail conversion, currently extends from downtown Greenville to Travelers Rest with plans to extend the trail southward to Fountain Inn. The Greenville County Recreational Department is seeking support for a project to extend the northern end of the trail up to Slater-Marietta.

The Swamp Rabbit Trail closely follows the route of the Greenville & Northern railroad, better known as the Swamp Rabbit Railroad, from downtown Greenville to just north of Travelers Rest matching where the railroad had ended since the mid-1950s. However, as late as 1921, the railroad ended at River Falls, near Jones Gap, and as late as 1933 in Marietta. This part of the railroad route isn't plotted on any modern maps, being abandoned long ago, making me interested in learning more about the route the Swamp Rabbit railroad took to from Travelers Rest to River Falls.

I read over Abandoned …