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Back to Old Cokesbury College and Hodges

Back in April, as previously written about, I went along with Tom Taylor down to Shoals Junction and other nearby communities, including Cokesbury and Hodges. In researching my April blog post, I discovered historic Old Cokesbury College would be open to the public on June 23rd and 24th as part of the Festival of Flowers, and I immediately made the decision to tolerate the heat and go back to tour the historic college. It would also give me an opportunity to look for the Southern Railway depot in Hodges I didn't know about during my last visit.
Old Cokesbury College Old Cokesbury College, as I'll call it for simplicity's sake, is a historic building located in the community of Cokesbury, Greenwood County, South Carolina. From its construction in 1854 until 1874, the building was home to the Masonic Female College of South Carolina, sponsored by the Bascombe Lodge No. 90 of Free Mason. In 1874, long term financial difficulties forced the closur…

Suber Mill historical marker

On June 5, 2012, a historical marker was dedicated at Suber Mill near Greer, South Carolina. I, of course, visited the site as soon as my schedule permitted to visit the marker and the mill.

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Suber Mill is one of the few water-powered mills still operating in South Carolina (open Monday-Friday 8a-5p and a few hours on Saturday).  The mill is located on Princess Creek, a branch of the Enoree River and grinds corn to produce cornmeal. The mill began as a saw mill operated by James Suber before the Civil War, with a grist mill added after the Civil War. The current mill was built between 1909 and 1912 by Walter Suber, the son of James Suber.

After taking what I though were my last photos of the trip, I noticed some electric lines crossing Suber Mill Road using insulators exactly matching the ones on the DC electric lines on the abandoned Piedmont & Northern poles in Taylors. Except these lines are active and distribute AC from a substation a short distance away. I thou…