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Pickens Railway line added to abandoned railroad maps

With the recent filing by Pickens Railway Company with the Surface Transportation Board, the railroad line between Pickens and Easley is in the process of being abandoned. Debate over what happens to the right-of-way after abandonment is ongoing.

While the abandonment isn't yet official, there's no real obstacles to prevent it either. Therefore I've added the route to my map of abandoned railroads in South Carolina.

Uniquely Union 2012

Last Saturday, I made my third annual visit to the Uniquely Union BBQ Festival at the Union County Fairgrounds in Union, SC. Last year, I came here after vising the ghost town of Pinckneyville with a few like-minded friends, old and new. This year, with the threat of showers in the afternoon, I came to the festival first to make sure I could attend my favorite event, Taster's Choice.

After parking in the adjacent parking lot and walking down to the festival, I stopped at the event tent to purchase a $5 wristband for Taster's Choice, where you sample each of the competitor's BBQ and then vote for your favorite.

With about 30 competitors this year, I sampled a lot of great BBQ for that $5. Nom, nom, nom.

The only samples I didn't like were too salty for my taste. Update: The winners have now been posted at the Union Daily Times.

Other events were going on during the day, of course. A soundstage was in constant use during my time there.

Another stage hosted dancers and a …