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End of the Pickens Doodle Railroad

The cities of Easley and Pickens in Pickens County, South Carolina are now officially owners of the Pickens Railroad or "Pickens Doodle", the deteriorating 8.5 mile railroad between Pickens and Easley. Chartered in 1890, finished in 1898, and in disuse for some time, the railway that once served several textile mills and passengers at the Pickens Depot is now being removed to make way for a multi-use trail to be built at some indefinite time in the future. I spent a few hours one day last week travelling along the line taking photos while the rails were being removed.

Here at Wilbur Street in Easley, the rails have only been partially removed. Many of the remaining cross-ties were in poor condition.

While a short distance away at Fern Street, the rails have been removed except for the one embedded in the road (would tear up the pavement I presume). Many of the cross ties here were also in poor condition.
I took some more photos at Lewis Street, then moved on to Arial Street.