A brief visit to the Children's Graveyard

Thackston Road

After visiting the Travelers Rest History Museum last Sunday, I traveled the few miles south to visit the Children's Graveyard. I've hearing some commotion about the land being cleared and wanted to see for myself what was going on. The commotion also seems to keep my visit from 2011 near the top of my page views.

The land has indeed been cleared around the graveyard. This is my photo of the entrance from 2011:
Using a 1921 Greenville County soil map and using the old Swamp Rabbit Railroad path as a fixed reference, the church stood by the road somewhere between the old road above and the corner convenience store. If I had to guess, I'd place it nearer to the old road.
All the trees have been cut making the graves much easier to spot. From the old road, the corner convenience store is now visible.
I found the fence surrounding one grave is gone now gone. 2013:

I didn't spend much time there, but I did spot a toy car possibly left by some ghost hunters.
Overall, the cemetery seems cleaner with the trees cut and the brush removed. I couldn't tell if the graves themselves are in better or worse shape, but I do have to wonder who removed the fencing.

I didn't take many photos this time, but they're viewable in a photo set on Flickr and in a photo album Google Photos.

My photos from 2011, reprocessed with Lightroom 5.2, are still in a photo set on Flickr and a photo album on Google Photos. I added more photos to the Flickr photo set now that the space limitations are mostly a non-issue now. I uploaded a whole new album to Google Photos because replacing the old photos with the reprocessed versions using Google's Picasa was such a frustrating experience.


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