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Boxing Day adventures

With some extra free time this week thanks to the holiday, I went up to northern Greenville County for some adventures.
Tracing the Swamp Rabbit - December 2013 edition First I stopped by McCarson Road in Riverview to investigate a possible trestle ruin I had spotted sometime back on Google Earth. Turns out it wasn't a trestle ruin at all, but a storage tank of some kind. But below it, I found a cutting heading toward the Middle Saluda River, an area previously explored. This matched up well with my map of the Swamp Rabbit. Nice.
The path of the railroad crossed McCarson Road heading south toward Cleveland.
Rainbow Falls The bulk of my time this day was hiking to and from Rainbow Falls. Rainbow Falls is located on property of Camp Greenville, but it also accessible from Jones Gap State Park. To get there, follow Jones Gap Trail (blazed blue), then follow Rainbow Falls Trail (blazed red) to the waterfall.

This part of Jones Gap Trail is rocky and wet with a few icy spots, and the …

Glenn Springs

Delayed, but not denied. I wanted to visit Glenn Springs after visiting Whitestone Springs two weeks ago, but I ran out of daylight. My second attempt failed last week because of misty, rainy weather on my available days. This week on my third try I finally made it.

But between my first and second attempts, my adventuring friend Tom Taylor briefly stopped here to explore on his way to Pacolet where he then explored the ruins of a hotel (which I'll have to check out sometime). He recounts this most interesting adventure in The Allure of Old Masonry.

Glenn Springs, like Whitestone Springs and Chick Springs, was a resort spring touting water that could supposedly cure many ailments. Like these other resort springs, Glenn Springs featured a large hotel where capable of housing many guests. Glenn Springs also had its own railroad for a time to transport guests to and from the hotel. The Glenn Springs hotel operated well over 100 years before fire destroyed the hotel on July 25, 1941. …