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Reedy Falls composites and Wilkins house

Now that I know how to make composite photos with a photo editor, I had to find another subject. Going through the old photos posted by Greenville History Tours to their Facebook page, I found several I thought would make good subjects. Three photos involved students from Greenville Women's College sketching at Reedy Falls, now part of Falls Park on the Reedy. I had to try one of these photos next.

While I was plotting this adventure, the campaign that began in late January to save the Wilkins house from demolition became a big story. Whatever it's eventual fate, I had to check it out and it was only a short distance away from the park. Reedy Falls I chose this 1903 photo of students from a Greenville Women's College sketching class at the waterfall to composite. The building at the top right is Camperdown Mill #2.
I shot many potential backgrounds different slightly in position and focal length, using a "hard copy" as a "low tech" guide. Many of the ph…