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Swamp Rabbit Trail expands north

The newest extension to the Swamp Rabbit Trail opened to the public on July 22nd with a ceremony and media coverage by WSPA, TR Tribune, among others. This new extension runs from the parking area near Grandview Memorial Gardens to Tate Road as shown here on this map:

I took advantage of the abnormally cool and pleasant weather to explore this new section yesterday. With a paved trail and no sharp rises or falls, I was able to walk the distance rather quickly. I only saw a few bikers and no hikers today. I took in sights I normally can't when driving up U.S. 276, just a few feet away.

The trail turns away from U.S. 276 near Rock Quarry Road, closely matching the old railroad right-of-way.

The trail then passes over a small creek.

A short distance later the trail ends at Tate Road.

The "for now..." on the sign means more expansion toward Slater-Marietta is being planned for an undetermined future time.
The old railroad right-of-way continues on behind and to the right of…