Veterans Day outing

Waldrop Stone Cottage - 1
On Veterans Day, or November 11th, I returned once again to northern Greenville County to visit more old buildings from the past. Here are my highlights.

Ballenger Mill

Ballenger Mill is located on Old Ballenger Mill Road a few miles north of the Highland community.
Ballenger Mill - 1

According to a section dedicated to the mill, the mill was built in the 1820s by Lewis H. Dickey. After the Civil War, the mill was known as L. Green's Mill. The name changed to Ballenger Mill in 1960 when it was purchased and restored by J. L. Ballenger. The current owner, Willow Creek Conservatory, uses the site to host weddings and other events.
Ballenger Mill - 2 Gazebo and chapel Ballenger Mill grounds
A pretty photo from December 2010 by Flickr photographer Donnie Bagwell shows a mill race that's been removed since.
Ballenger Mill Christmas 2010
The covered bridge is a 20th century creation.
Covered bridge Covered bridge - 2
The grounds also has a tiny chapel converted from a one room schoolhouse. The place is beautiful and is obviously well suited to hosting weddings.

Waldrop Stone Cottage

I heard about this cottage from a post to a Facebook group about abandoned things in South Carolina.
Waldrop Stone Cottage - 4
The cottage is located on Stone Cottage Lane near Gowensville. I don't know anything about the history of the cottage, but I speculate a fire is the main cause of its condition.

Jordan Cooperative Exchange

Jordan Cooperative Exchange
The Jordan Cooperative Exchange doesn't seem to be operating anymore, but a story in a 1947 agricultural education magazine (in PDF format) on page 91 detailed its function and contents:
A curing room, a chill room, a quick freeze, and an individual locker room with 348 boxes. The meat cured during the year averages 28,000 pounds.

This photo of the plant embedded in the story caught my attention.

because I noticed that this white building was not present in 1947:
Old Jordan service station

Mount Lebanon Church Road

Mount Lebanon Church Road turned up some interesting old finds. First, this former school, now reused as a fitness center.
old Mt Lebanon School
This barber shop a short distance away.
Howard's Beauty and Barber Shop
Update: Checked the property records for this location, and found that Oran Howard died in 2013 and Catherine Howard died in 2012.

As I was headed toward my last target of the day, I saw a Phillips 66 sign that drew my interest.
Philips 66 sign
I haven't seen a gas station with that logo in decades. What's that sign doing here? I can't but wonder what the story is.

Mill at Spencer Creek

My last stop of the day was a mill I found by flying around in Google Earth at the intersection of Spencer Creek Road and Strickland Road located just over the border in Spartanburg County.
Thompson's Mill - 2
My online searches turned up no information about the mill.
Thompson's Mill - 1
The mill is in great shape, and appears to have been recently restored.
Thompson's Mill - 4 Thompson's Mill - 5
An online search did find a photo of the mill before restoration by photographer Eddie Burch at his photoshelter site.

Update: A 1910 map of Spartanburg County reveals this is Thompson's Mill.


As is my usual procedure, I've uploaded my photos to an album at Flickr and an album at Google Photos.


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