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Spider Tunnel Falls

January 17, 2015 Some time ago while perusing the Facebook group The South Carolina Project, I came across an intriguing photo album, Spider Tunnel Falls, by Darrin Hardin. That album's photos show off a beautiful yet obscure waterfall just off U.S. 276 near where it joins/splits with S.C. 11.

This waterfall was just too good looking to keep to myself, so I went with Eric Cunningham, Ed Clem and his son. I picked up Eric and met Ed and his son at a nearby parking area. We exchanged greetings and headed off to find our waterfall.

The waterfall is located on a creek, and this creek is the dividing line between public property on the right and private property on the left. We followed an ill-defined trail up the right side of the creek, and found a nice view of Table Rock.

We tried to stay as close to the creek as possible, but a cliff forced as off to the right away from the creek. We continued upstream and found a waterfall, but not the one we were looking for:

Nearby we found the…