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Exploring the waterfalls of Caesars Head State Park

Friday, January 30, 2015 I took four days off this week with the intent of exploring waterfalls. What actually happened is I spent the first three days working a second job to help with some unexpected expenses. On the fourth day, I went up to Caesars Head State Park for a few hours to find three waterfalls I read about in Waterfall Hikes of Upstate South Carolina (2009) by Thomas E. King, my go-to reference for waterfalls since 2010.

I've driven by the park several times during the last several years, always on the way to somewhere else. I've certainly been there before, but I don't recall stopping by the park anytime in the last ten years, if not longer.

On the way up I pulled off the side of the road to visit Drip Rock Falls, by the roadside off U.S. 276.

It's a nice waterfall, but nothing special. I knew this one wouldn't photograph well, so I also shot a brief video:

At the park, I first visited the overlook, and the famous profile.

The overlook offers some f…