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The Waterfalls, The Parks, And Other Things

Tuesday March 24, 2015 After touring most of the obscure waterfalls on around Caesars Head, this time I set my sights on downtown Greenville, SC to visit two obscure waterfalls and one well-known one.

First up was Arboretum Falls, located very near the South Carolina Governor's School of the Arts and Humanities. To get here from the West End Parking area required descending some interesting stone steps.

A nearby historical marker explains how the Greenville Garden Club developed the arboretum in 1932 on land that belonged to Furman University at the time. Workers from the Works Progress Administration built the site. The site fell into neglect during World War II, and fell into disrepair once Furman University moved away. Today, the area is no longer neglected and is nicely maintained like the rest of Falls Park.

A short distance away is Reedy Falls, a major focal point of the park. I tried out various angles with varying degrees of success.

I also couldn't resist walking aro…

Misty and Mashbox Falls: There and Back Again

March 17, 2015 I've been having bad luck with vacations lately. My February vacation featured cold, sleet, and snow so I stayed home. The forecast for my March vacation was for rain and more rain except for one of those days, March 11.

I've been to Misty Falls and Mashbox Falls before, back in 2012, but I wanted to see them again since I've been already been touring other nearby obscure waterfalls. On March 11, I brought everything I needed to take photos of Misty Falls and Mashbox Falls, except a camera battery I didn't realize was missing until it was way too late. Oops.

Moving forward to March 17, I decided to try again with the information I gained from my first failed trip.

Misty Falls and Mashbox Falls are two waterfalls off Pinnacle Pass Trail near Caesars Head. I visited them a few years ago.

I parked in a small parking area off a gravel path that once was Oil Camp Creek Road located at one off a sharp bend in the road. Just beyond this parking area is a gate …