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Moonshine Falls and Confusion Falls

With clear skies and cool weather, for once I picked a perfect time last week to take a vacation to visit some waterfalls. This time I chose to visit Moonshine Falls and Confusion Falls, two waterfalls near each other in the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area in northern Greenville County near Caesars Head.

Of the four possible ways to get there, the one that appealed to me was the route from Caesars Head State Park where I could enjoy the fall view from the overlook before heading out. This route, one way, is about 4 miles according to OsmAnd+, one of my navigation apps I used to guide me to the falls. This route is downhill toward the waterfall, making it uphill on the way back.

But first, the Caesars Head overlook. I took a quick tour of Devil's Kitchen,

the namesake rock formation,
before turning my attention to the overlook.
I walked down the highway to meet up with Naturaland Trust Trail #14. Along the way, I walked by The Mountain House, once an Esso Station and a post offi…

Big Bradley Falls

With the recent cooler weather and the recent rains, I've been craving waterfall adventures. One waterfall that's been on my list for a while is Big Bradley Falls. Big Bradley Falls is a 75 foot waterfall located in the Green River Gamelands a few miles north of Saluda, North Carolina. The overlook is a popular destination for hikers, and I've visited the overlook myself a few years ago. I've been wanting to visit the base since then, but the path down from the overlook is dangerous, and people have died attempting it. I nope'd that idea, until I found out you can visit the base from a much safer path. That's better! I put out an invitation to my hiking friends to come along for this trip, and on this trip Eric and Ed were able to joined me for a visit to the base of Big Bradley Falls.

On the way, I picked up Eric at his house, stopped by Skytop to pick up some Granny Smith apples (yummy!), and made our way down the curvy, steep Green River Cove Road to a park…