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A second visit to the Clemson Experimental Forest

Back in February, I visited Todd Creek Falls and Waldrop Stone Falls in the Clemson Experimental Forest near Six Mile in Pickens County. This week I found the time to visit a few more points of interest in the same area.

First was a visit to a waterfall on a tributary of Todd Creek.

The parking area for this waterfall is on the south side of Brookbend Road, a short distance west of a bridge over Todd Creek. Get directions to the parking area with Google Maps.

The road is gated with metal cable.
Park on either side, and please do not block the road.

I followed the directions to the waterfall in this PDF of a student slideshow. Walk down the road, through a meadow.
At the end of the meadow, the trail will fork.
Take the right fork. Just before the road goes over a culvert, you should see a plainly visible trail heading left. You should also clearly hear the waterfall.
Follow the short trail to the base of the waterfall. The part that goes to the base is rather steep. I chose to slide …

Pinnacle Mountain Falls, or Waterfall Obscura

I dedicated one of my vacation days this week to visit Pinnacle Mountain Falls, a waterfall located off the Palmetto Trail on Pinnacle Mountain near Table Rock State Park in Pickens County.

The trailhead is located in Table Rock State Park ($2 admission fee until the busy season, then it's $5) by what is now called Pinnacle Pavilion, formerly known as The Barn.

I had the area to myself, so I felt free to give the pavilion a quick looky look.
I took a peek in the window, and thought about what kind of events could be held here.
Then it was on to the trailhead.
I took notice of this sign.
I did see plenty of small, nuisance type bees going to and from the waterfall, and a few bumble bees too, but none of them showed any interest in me.

The trail is blazed yellow, and easy enough to follow.
The trail crosses a dirt road...
before descending toward the Table Rock Wesleyan Camp. The camp was greatly obscured by greening trees, so I couldn't capture much of the camp.
The trail the…