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Road to Glendale

Glendale is a mill village a few miles east of Spartanburg, South Carolina by Lawsons Fork Creek in Spartanburg County. The center of village life once centered around Glendale Mill, a mill with a long history dating back to the 1830s. However, in 1961 the mill closed permanently, and in 2004 a fire turned the mill into ruins.

Before visiting Glendale a few days ago, I had a few stops to make first along the way.

This income tax business at 1450 Union Street on the southeast side of Spartanburg...
was once the Lyman Depot, moved here from the town of Lyman in 1981. As an archived story from the Spartanburg Herald-Journal explains, Peggy West and her husband bought the depot from Seaboard Coastline Railroad in 1981. They had the depot moved to this spot, and turned it into a craft shop. M&M Tax Service now owns and operates the building.

The Lyman sign, mentioned in the story, and seen here in this photo by John Jones from the Lyman page of, no longer hangs off the re…