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Early Spring visit to Dupont State Forest

The first outing this week was a walk on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. In the second of three outings this week, I visited Dupont State Forest in Western North Carolina for the third time this year. The first two visits to Dupont State Forest were to visit Upper Grassy Falls, sometimes called Secret Falls. This visit was prompted by a 2007 article I came across (no telling how long ago) on about some foundation ruins off Longside Trail near the Corn Mill Shoals Access Area off Cascade Lake Road.

I found the Corn Mill Shoals Access Area mostly empty.
The directions in the article were a bit vague, but good enough as a starting point.
Bear right onto Longside Trail and within minutes, what remains of a stone foundation becomes visible just off the trail. From the Corn Mill Shoals Parking Area, you bear left onto Longside Trail, not right. The author must have come in the other end from Pine Tree Trail then, placing the ruins much closer to the other end of the trail.

I walk…

Early Spring walk on the Swamp Rabbit Trail

If you're a regular reader of my outings, then you may know of my interest in abandoned railroads, especially in the old Greenville & Northern Railway ("Swamp Rabbit Railroad") whose old right-of-way is now partially  incorporated into the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Apparently, many folks share my interest in the path of the Greenville & Northern Railway remains one of my most popular posts (it used to be the most popular until the post about the ghost town of Mortimer overtook it in the view count and kept on going).

In the first of three outings this week, I walked part of the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville to visit a few targets related to the old railway.

On the way I passed by an entrance to the Governors School of the Arts and Humanities and the prominently placed statue of its founder Virginia Uldrick.
Then I passed by Arboretum Falls
...and a major attraction of the park, Reedy River Falls.
Then past more interesting distractions to this office on Reedy View …