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Lyman Rail Trail, a Spring, and Other Things

A few days ago the Lyman Rail Trail in Lyman, SC opened for public use, joining the growing number of rail trails in the area and the trend started by the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Lyman Rail Trail follows an abandoned spur to the old Lyman Mill between Lawrence Street and SC 292 (Spartanburg Highway). A future extension (phase 2) is being planned to extend the trail by Little Street and toward Groce Road.

I parked near the recycling center in the parking lot of the old Lyman Mill, then through Lyman Park, then across the street to the trailhead.

The newness of the trail is plain to see.
After a only few minutes and a few street crossings I made it to the trail's end.
The trail then connects to a sidewalk along Lawrence Street. What lies just beyond is what interested me. The rail was removed a few years ago, but I took some photos of the rail during my last visit in 2012:
On the other side of the the street, the rail is still there.
A railroad crossing sign also remains on Lawrence St…

A visit to Laurel Fork Falls

I've been on three outings this week. The first was a walk on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, the second was my third visit of the year to Dupont State Forest. My third and last outing of the week is a paddle out to Laurel Fork Falls on the Toxaway River arm of Lake Jocassee. There are two options for reaching this waterfall. The first is an 8 mile hike on the Foothills Trail. The second is a 6 mile trip over water. I went with the second option, going in my kayak.

I got off to a relatively early start (for a night owl like me, anyway), but I got delayed by road construction.

I went through the gate, stopping to pay my fee at the payment box. I stopped at the ramp where I dropped off my gear, then parked up the hill. An orange van was the only other automobile in the parking lot.

I took this photo before I dropped off my gear:
I went back down the ramp, applied my sunscreen, got my kayak ready, snapped together my paddle, stored my dry bags, took off my sandals and stored them away too.