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Cokesbury College Tour: 2017 edition

June is the start of the month long South Carolina Festival of Flowers in Greenwood County. What began as a celebration of gardening in 1968 has blossomed (sorry) into a month long series of events throughout Greenwood County. This year the Festival of Flowers celebrates its 50th anniversary, with special events planned to celebrate the occasion.

The event that's always interested me the most is the tour of historicCokesbury Collegein Cokesbury, a community situated a few miles north of Greenwood. When I last went in 2013 with Tom Taylor and Allan Russel, the tour was held on a Saturday. Sometime in the last four years, the tour shifted to Sunday and an ice cream social is now part of the tour, but the antiques show I liked so much that took place in front of the building is no longer.

Education has played a major role in Cokesbury's history. Cokesbury was founded in 1824 as Mount Ariel by members of the nearby Methodist community of Tabernacle. The citizens of Tabernacle wan…